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Young Bankers Program is an endeavor by Axis Bank in association with Manipal Global Education to create Young Bankers by imparting domain expertise and skill set in the field of Banking.
The course has been set up to attract bright young graduates to a career in Banking with Axis Bank. Our Objective is to create a talent pool of young bankers by equipping graduate students with necessary banking knowledge and skills.
The applicant's will be selected through a rigorous selection process. The Axis Bank Young Bankers Program is a one year, full time program which will be conducted at Manipal University Bangalore Campus. Students will be given systematic inputs in various areas of banking and management disciplines in order to make them ready for branch banking roles by the time they finish the course.
The thrust of the course is to impart functional knowledge on General management, Soft skills related to overall behavior, sales & customer interactions and specialized knowledge on Banking related topics and subjects.
On successful completion of the Young Bankers Program,  the students  will be awarded a Post Graduate Diploma in Banking Services  by the Manipal University and also absorbed in the Assistant Manager grade in the Bank.
Salient features of the Young Bankers Program:
  • Comprehensive blended curriculum comprising classroom inputs, e-learning and on-the-job internship (with a stipend)
  • YOUNG BANKERS PROGRAM will impart knowledge and skills in Core Banking, Etiquette & grooming, enhanced Communication skills and other Soft skills.
  • The program will also focus on teaching the candidates the Axis Bank way of banking.
  • The classroom sessions will be of 9 month duration split into trimesters of 3 months each followed by an Internship of 3 months, which can be at any Axis Bank branches/offices across India.
  • The Young Bankers will be paid a monthly stipend of Rs.5000/- p.m for the first 9 months to meet the out of pocket expenses and Rs.12000 per month during the internship towards their living expenses.
  • Assured employment with Axis Bank upon successful completion of the Program.
  • Gross CTC of Rs. 3.42 Lakhs p.a. (This is inclusive of Loan benefits and Indicative Performance linked Bonus)
  • The employee will also have an option of pursuing a online UGC approved Masters program in Banking and Finance through Manipal University which can be completed by candidates in 18 months’ time in distance education / online instruction mode.


  1. What is the objective of the Axis Bank Young Bankers Program?
    Axis Bank Young Bankers Program is an initiative to attract bright graduate students desirous of pursuing a career in banking. Through this course the Bank is attempting to create specialist cadre of bankers who have adequate knowledge and skills to cater to the varied needs of the customers and the Banking Industry.
  1. How does an applicant benefit from this course?
    Compared to a regular MBA program that the graduate candidates opt for, the Young Bankers program offers the following clear benefits; Assured job, lesser duration, Earn and learn, Education is work oriented.
    A easy comparison is given below:

    Other MBA Program
    Young Bankers Program
    Considerably more than 3 lakhs
    2 years
    1 year
    Earning potential during the program
    Stipend is paid all throughout the course
    Application of education
    Large portions are theory with less application in workplace
    Entirely work oriented course structure, with practical inputs
    Assured Job
    Provisional Appointment given at course start itself, assuring employment after successful completion of course
    Medical Insurance cover
    Medical Insurance cover of Rs.1,00,000/- is provided to the student by the bank for the duration of course
    Salary after the course
    Generally around Rs. 2.50lakhs to 3.50 lakhs
    Rs. 3.42 lakhs
    Grade in the Organization
    If recruited in Axis Bank the candidates are taken in the Assistant Manager grade
    Assistant Manager grade
    Scope for further education
    Entirely dependent on the student
    Masters course option available in Distance learning mode
  1. What are the areas in which training will be provided?
    Applicants joining the course will be trained in various areas of Banking and Finance domain, banking products etc. They will also be taught communication skills, Selling, customer management and other soft skills. All these will be augmented with inputs on various management areas as well.
    The course will focus on training the candidates the Axis way of banking.
  1. What is the Course Curriculum, What topics will be covered during the class room sessions
    The Post Graduate Diploma in Banking Services would be a one-year program comprising of four trimesters of 13 weeks each. First three trimesters would be conducted on Campus of the Manipal University. The fourth trimester would be devoted to internship to be pursued by the participant at a designated Branch of Axis Bank across the country.
    Course Credits:- Credits have been assigned to each course based on the hours of study/learning and other associated activities like case studies, tutorial discussions, case-presentations, lectures, library work and practical-work in laboratories etc. The outline of the curriculum of the Program trimester-wise is given below.
    First Trimester: Areas of learning covered will comprise of; Basics of Banking, IT in Banking, Business communication, Managerial Economics, Business Mathematics and Statistics, Accounting, General management
    Second Trimester: Areas of learning covered will comprise of; Banking and allied services, Banking environment, Advanced Business communication, Receipts and Payment systems, Lending
    Third Trimester : Areas of learning covered will comprise of; Financial Planning, Foreign Exchange, Credit Risk management,  Retail banking, Treasury Management, Recovery Management, Business analytics
    Fourth Trimester: Learning will be on the job and will be in form of the Internship and Project work
  1. What are the eligibility criteria for the course? 
    The eligibility criteria for applying for admission are:
    Age: Minimum 21 years, Maximum 23 years as on the course start date.
    Qualification: Graduate Degree in any discipline from a recognized University with excellent academic records.
    Experience: Fresher’s and candidates with upto 2 years’ experience can apply
    Applications will be shortlisted based on the criteria of the Bank to call candidates to undergo the recruitment process. The Bank’s decision will be final in this matter.
  1. What will be the selection process?
    The selection will be through a two stage selection process, which is aimed at selecting candidates who are most likely to succeed at various Branch banking roles offered by the Bank. The Bank is looking for candidates with high integrity, who are dedicated towards work, with positive attitude and good communication skills.
    Candidates shall be selected by Axis Bank through a selection process consisting of an online Aptitude test followed by an interview.
    Aptitude Test: The Aptitude test will be of 2 hour duration and will be administered online. The test will assess the proficiency of candidates in the areas of:

    • Logic and Reasoning Skills
    • English Language Skills
    • Quantitative/Numerical ability
    • Computer awareness

    Axis Bank reserves the right to hold a second stage of Aptitude test (if required for any reason) at its own discretion.
    Personal Interview: All the applicants who successfully clear the Aptitude test will be invited for a Personal Interview. Final merit list will be announced on Axis Bank website once the selection process is complete. Candidates will be informed of their progress and status at each stage by email.
    Please do note that Axis Bank's decision pertaining to the selection will be final and binding.
  1. How to apply for the course? 
    To apply you need to logon to
    This site has the program details and also the options of funding this course and details of the Axis Bank Education loan. You are required to carefully read these to acquaint yourself about the Axis Bank Young Bankers Program before you you Apply for the program.
    In case you need any other information you may write to
  1. Where will the course be held? 
    The course will be conducted on the Manipal University Bangalore Campus. This is a fully residential program (no day scholars are allowed) and students shall stay on the campus during the initial 9 months duration of the course. Students will undertake an internship program in the last 3 months in any Axis Bank across the country.
  1. In which locations will the selection process be conducted? 
    The Bank will endeavor to give each applicant a test venue that is closest to his / her place of residence; however the Bank cannot guarantee the same.
    The venue and center allocated to the applicant will be mentioned in the call letter and the same will be final, no change being permissible in the test date, test time or test venue, once allocated. Candidates will be intimated through an e-mail to their registered email ID
    The dates for the subsequent processes of interview will be announced at a later date for which successful candidates will be intimated through an e-mail to their registered email ID.
  1. How will the applicant be intimated on various activities of the selection process? 
    Applicants will be kept informed on the progress of their application through e-mail to their registered email ID.
    Announcements and schedule for the completion / initiation of various stages shall be posted on the careers page of Axis Bank website ( and applicants are requested to keep themselves updated of the progress / notifications regarding the selection process by regularly visiting the website. Please ensure that your e-mail address & mobile numbers provided by you are duly updated and in use.


  1. To pursue this course the interested applicant will have to invest Rs.3 lacs plus taxes as applicable. This amount will cover all boarding, lodging and tuition fee expenses for the entire course at Manipal academy campus.
    Fees will be payable as per the payment schedule below.
    1st Trimester
    In advance on or before the commencement of every batch
    Rupees one lakh only (Rs.1,00,000/-) plus applicable taxes
    2nd Trimester
    15days In advance before the commencement of 2nd Trimester for a particular batch
    Rupees one lakh only (Rs.1,00,000/-) plus applicable taxes
    3rd  Trimester
    15days In advance before the commencement of 3rd Trimester for a particular batch
    Rupees one lakh only (Rs.1,00,000/-) plus applicable taxes
    The Exact dates for the payments will be intimated by email and on the website.
  1. Can the Candidate fund the course themselves? 
    The candidate can choose to fund the course themselves; however the requisite fee amount will need to be paid 15days before the course/ trimester starts. The process and payment medium will be shared with the candidate when selected.
  1. Can the candidate get Loan assistance for paying the course fee from Axis Bank? 
    Axis Bank will provide an Education to the candidates for Young bankers Program.  The highlights of the Education Loan for the Young Bankers Program are mentioned below:
    Rate of Interest
    12%  (this is a special rate of interest offered for the Young Bankers Programonly)
    Max. 5 years (which starts after the candidate has joined active service with Axis Bank)
    Margin Money
    NIL.  There will be no margin money charged to the students
    Processing Fee
    NIL. There will be no processing fee charged to the students
    Other charges
    Out of pocket expenses like Stamp Duty / document Franking / Security creation etc. will need to be borne by applicant. Premium for Term Life Insurance of the candidate for Rs.3,000,00/-.  These charges totally will not exceed Rs.6000/-


    Proof of Identity : Passport/ PAN/ Voters ID/ Driving license
    3 Photographs (passport size, formal clothes with light background)
    Co-applicant income proof and supporting documents need to be shown
    Co-applicant CIBIL check and Credit Score needs to be as per Bank norms for the Loan to be sanctioned
    Proof of Residence : Ration card/ Latest electricity bill/ Latest Telephone (Landline) bill/ Passport
    Copy of Admission for the Axis Bank  Young Bankers Program
    Copy of Axis Bank Provisional Letter of Appointment


    Accepted Sanction Letter
    Agreement for Term loan for Education loan
    Guarantee Agreement for Education Loan

    Co-applicant required : Parents/ Guardian/ Elder sibling / Grand Parents/ Spouse  can be the co-applicants
    Original Graduation certificate needs to be submitted to the Axis Bank, branch until loan is cleared
    Original certificate of the PGDBS will also be held by Axis Bank, branch until loan is cleared

    During the course duration, Interest needs to be serviced
    1st EMI will be due 6 months after starting work with Axis Bank
    Expected EMI and Interest amount
    Interest needs to be serviced  during the duration of the course, which will be approx. Rs 3000/- per month @ 12% on Rs. 3,00,000/-
  1. Can the candidate choose to apply for education loan from some other Bank /organization? 
    The candidate can choose to apply for the Education Loan / Any other loan from any organization / Bank of his/her choice. The candidate need not apply for a loan from Axis Bank only.
  1. How to apply for the Education loan being offered by Axis Bank upon selection? 
    The loan formalities will be coordinated from the Axis Bank ASC, at Bangalore. Details of the loan formalities and Contact details of the concerned official for Loan Application will be made available in the Program admission Kit.
  1. Will the applicant be required to sign any agreement for the loan? 
    Yes. Loan agreement and such other documents, as required for an individual availing loan from a bank, would have to be signed by the applicant and co-applicant. Out of pocket expenses like; value of stamp paper / stamp duty as applicable or as decided by the bank, franking charges, security creation charges, etc.. Will have to be paid in cash for the loan agreement by the applicant.
  1. 17) Will there be a Bond / Service agreement applicable for the applicant after joining the Bank's service on successful completion of the course? There will be no Service Agreement or Bond that the candidate needs to sign for joining the Bank after this program.
  1. Will there be any Bond/ Service agreement applicable if the funds for pursuing the course are personally arranged by the applicant? Or if Funding is from some other financial organization ? 
    There will be no Service Agreement or Bond that the candidate needs to sign for joining the Bank after this program.
  1. What is the guarantee that Axis Bank will give a job after the course?
    All the applicants selected will be given a Provisional Appointment letter at the time of joining the course at Manipal academy in Bangalore. Job will be guaranteed only on the successful completion of the Young Bankers Program (9 months classroom & 3 months internship).
  1. What if the candidate is unsuccessful at completing the course?
    Axis Bank guarantees the job to candidates who have successfully completed the course. The bank will not be in a position to provide a job for the candidates who do not complete the course. The Provisional Letter of Appointment given at the start of the course will stand withdrawn without any recourse to you. Also Fees paid for the course or any other expenses incurred with regards to the course, will not be refunded.
    The Bank or the Manipal Global Education will not be liable to provide employment to the unsuccessful candidates.
  1. What if I drop out of the program in midst of the course? 
    In case of droping out of the program in the Midst of the course, the student will need to pay off any loans taken from Axis Bank towards this course.
    Also any fees paid for the course will not be refunded. Any outstanding fee will be waived only as per the discretion of the Axis Bank Management.
    The Provisional Appointment letter given at the start of the course will stand withdrawn without any recourse to you.


  1. Issuance of Appointment letters and Program Admission Kit 
    The selected applicants will be issued an Provisional Appointment Letterfrom Axis Bank towards their future employment. This letter will contain details of the compensation and other benefits applicable to the applicant after their joining the Bank on active duty.
    In addition to this letter the candidates will be issued an Young Bankers Program Admission kit. This Kit will have the following contents;
    • Details of the course curriculum, the criteria for successful completion, internship details, evaluation procedure.
    • Details of the scheme, the fee structure, Details of the Education loan offered by Axis Bank specifically for this course
    • Details of the allowances that will be paid, details of facilities available on Campus for the students
  1. Pre-joining Medical and Background Verification process 
    Selected applicants will have to undergo a Pre Joining Medical examination to certify their fitness for the Bank’s job before their entry into the course itself. Upon being found medically fit, the applicants will be granted admission into the course.
    The applicant's education qualifications and background will be verified by the Bank through aexternal agency. The details provided by the applicant at the time of selection need to be authentic. Once the Agency confirms the authenticity of these details only the applicant will be allowed to join the program.
  1. What would be the dress code on Campus at Manipal University? 
    The Bank has not designated a Uniform for the students of this course. The applicants need to be dressed in Formals during the week and Smart casuals are allowed on the weekends. The Dress code policy is given in the Admission Kit for your easy understanding.
  1. Will there be a probation period once an applicant joins Axis Bank? 
    Yes, there is a 6 month probation period for all joinees to the Bank. The candidates from the Young Bankers Program will also be subject to this probation period.


  1. What is the Programme structure and Delivery?
    Programme conduct details
    Classes will be held five days a week from Monday to Friday with Saturday devoted to e-learning and Sunday being a weekly holiday. Apart from the regular classes, the programme participants would be required to take part in additional curricular and extra-curricular activities. Formal class room sessions will be of 75 minutes duration. There will be 6 sessions on each day. Programme delivery will be in the form of class room lectures, tutorial discussions, seminars, laboratory work, assignments, case studies, library research projects and other exercises. Considerable emphasis will be placed on self-learning by the participants. Co-curricular activities will form an essential part of the learning process.

    The breakup of time available for formal study is as follows: -
      • No. of working days in a week: 5 ½
      • No. of sessions (1 hour & 15 Minutes) in a day: 6
      • No. of subjects per trimester: 8
      • No. of sessions per subject per trimester: as per credits assigned.
    Note: Some of the sessions may be devoted to tests – both in-trimester and end trimester.  Some Sundays and weekends maybe dedicated to training sessions.
    Attendance requirements
    It is mandatory for all participants to take part in all curricular and co-curricular activities. They would be required to attend 100% classes. Leave of absence would be given only with the specific permission of the Program Coordinator, Axis Bank, Young Bankers Programme
    Student support services
    Apart from the formal classes, the students would be provided support for the learning process through the following means: -
      • Lectures by experts from the Industry
      • Interaction with Leaders from Axis Bank on a periodic basis.
      • Library services to include access to e-library
      • Study material prepared by the Axis Bank, Young Bankers Programme (Manipal University)
      • Access to e-learning modules
    Project work

    Participants would be expected to work on a library research project during the first two trimesters. The topic for the project would be assigned to them by the Faculty. A list of topics would be put up on the website and the participants would be required to submit three choices by selecting topics from the list. Efforts would be made to assign a topic to the participant based on his/her choice. The participants would be expected to make a presentation on the said topic during the third trimester.
    Award of Postgraduate Diploma

    A Postgraduate diploma in Banking Services will be conferred on a participant on his / her successful
    Completion of the programme. However, for award of the postgraduate diploma, a participant has to fulfill the following requirements: 
      • He/ She should have taken and passed in each course of study as prescribed in the curriculum to earn the minimum number of credits specified for that particular course. 
      • He/ She would become eligible for the award of a diploma on acquiring requisite number of credits at the end of the program.
      • He/ She should have satisfactorily fulfilled other academic requirements (as specified in the course of study/ curriculum) like practical training, work visits, seminar, project etc.
  1. Can the candidate pursue a Post Graduate Degree with Manipal University upon joining Axis Bank?
    Post successful completion of the course leading to grant of a post-graduate diploma in Banking Services, the employee will also have the option of being enrolled for a online UGC approved MBA in Banking and Finance through Manipal University which can be completed by candidates in 18 months’ time in distance education / online instruction mode, while they pursue their career with Axis Bank. The cost for this qualification will need to be borne by the candidate themselves.


Guidelines for discipline during and after the course duration

AXIS BANK is a well known Private Sector Bank. Manipal Group is the national leader in the field of education. Therefore, it is imperative that all students of the Axis Bank, Young Bankers Program maintain the image of the School as a premier professional organization and to impose on themselves a good conduct. It is incumbent upon all to maintain consistent standards of personal conduct. The participants would be expected to maintain proper decorum both in the Academic Block and in the Hostel. They would also be required to behave in a responsible manner when they are outside the school.
List of Prohibited Articles/Acts:
    1. Consumption of Alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, tobacco in any form is strictly prohibited in the Campus and also in the Hostel. Participants are also not permitted to come to the hostel after consuming alcohol from outside. 
    2. Fireworks are not permitted in the campus or the hostel. 
    3. Holi colors’ are not permitted inside any building. Holi will be celebrated only in open spaces nominated by the authorities.
    4. Possession, consumption and offering of narcotic drugs in any form is totally prohibited. Any violation will invite severe disciplinary action.
    5. Stealing or unauthorized possession of items belonging to any other person would be viewed seriously.
    6. Possession, accessing it over the internet or displaying of any pornographic material in any form will invite severe disciplinary action.
    7. No private conveyance like motorcycle/scooter/car, etc is permitted in the School. 
There will be separate wardens for the gentlemen’s and the ladies’ hostels. The wardens would be responsible for the discipline in the hostel and for allotment of the rooms. The concerned Warden heads the Hostel Management Committee. The wardens will be assisted by hostel supervisors and other staff who will be responsible for maintenance of the buildings and other assets. In addition, floors in charge would be nominated to join the management Committee who will assist the wardens in the day to day functioning of the hostels. Similarly, a Mess Committee would be formed to assist the warden in smooth running of the hostel mess. Aim of setting up the management committee is to ensure a clean and secure living environment that is conducive for the academic advancement.
Gentlemen are not permitted to visit the floors of the hostels earmarked for the Ladies.  Similarly, ladies are not permitted to visit the Gentlemen’s rooms or the floors occupied by them.
All residents are expected to be properly dressed before they come out of their rooms. They should not be found roaming around in the corridors improperly dressed.
Allotment and Vacating the Hostels
Rooms would be allotted to the residents by the warden. The allotment would be valid for the complete duration of the Programme. Residents shall not change over to any other room except with the written permission of the warden. Residents may be required to shift to other blocks/rooms in organizational interest, as and when directed by the hostel authorities.
Residents are advised to check all fixtures and fitments in their respective rooms as per the inventory at the time of occupation.
Residents would be required to vacate the hostel at the time of proceeding for the internship during the fourth trimester. Any damage to the hostel property in their respective rooms would have to be made good by the Residents.
Maintenance and Upkeep
Residents must tidy up their rooms every day before leaving for classes or going out of the hostel.
Any request for repair or maintenance should be entered in the registers specifically kept for this purpose with the hostel warden. Residents must bring to the notice of the supervisory staff any failure or breakdown in electric supply. They should not attempt to repair the defects in the mains or in the distribution system.
When leaving their rooms, the residents must switch off all lights, fans and water taps.
Bed linen would be changed at stipulated intervals by the supervisory staff.
Residents are advised not to deface the walls of the hostels by pasting posters etc. Similarly, no alterations of any nature are permitted.
The rooms and surroundings must be kept neat and clean. Services of cleaners would be provided by the hostel.
Cooking in the hostel rooms is not permitted.
Pets of any kind are not permitted in the hostel premises. Feeding of stray dogs and cats or any other animals is not permitted in the hostel premises.
All residents would be necessarily required to dine in the Resident’s Mess. They would be expected to adhere to the laid down timings.
General Conduct
Playing of loud music and disturbing other residents is not permitted. All residents are expected to maintain the decorum by not disturbing their roommates or their neighbors.
Playing of any outdoor games in the corridors of the hostels is not permitted.
The Wardens or their representatives may enter any room for verification at any time of the day or night.
All residents must return to the hostel latest by 7.30 pm (girls) / 10 pm (boys). 
Any absence from the hostel at night must be with the specific permission of the warden. 
Residents are not permitted to allow their rooms to be used by any other person.
Visitors must be entertained in the areas specifically earmarked for them. 
All residents must inform the warden about any disciplinary or other problems concerning them or their roommates / neighbors. 
No television is permitted to be kept in any hostel room.
Residents are advised not to keep any valuables or jewellery, etc in their rooms. All expensive items must be kept under lock and key when the residents are not in their rooms. The management will not be held responsible for loss of any valuables. All rooms when the residents are not present must be locked and the key handed over to the security by the last occupant leaving the room. Residents are not permitted to bring any type of private conveyance to the hostel. 
Complaints and Representations
All complaints shall be made in writing and addressed to the warden.
Residents are not permitted to convene meeting of any sort in the hostel premises without the prior permission of the warden. 
Facilities on the Campus
The campus is full-fledged with self-sufficient facilities for knowledge acquisition. The Manipal University Bangalore Campus has an air conditioned library with a large collection of books & reference material, magazines & journals and large number of economic and general newspapers. It is open on all days till late in the evening. Text books are supplied to all new students on returnable basis. Reference books can be browsed in the library and can also be borrowed. There are interesting teaser schemes to induce & promote reading habits such as free newspapers, additional books for borrowings etc in select hours.
The Campus has well equipped computer labs open upto midnight every day of the week. The number of desktops available to students is very large enabling a student: machine ratio of around 3:1. The campus has a high broadband connectivity enabling uninterrupted access to global knowledge.
These facilities will be available to the students all throughout the program, even during their internship time


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